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Get a global perspective, develop online skills, learn and contribute to bridge the digital divide!

Beginners will find links for developing basic skills.  Advanced students are guided to selected online exercises and to  links of international organisations and to sites that are dedicated to one-world topics. 

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The Earth 

The Earth - One World - Our Responsibility

One World 

Our Responsibility


World News

CNN Daily (Video and text) 


Useful Links:

Online Dictionary - First Choice:


More Online Dictionaries

New York Times Learning Network


Not so useful, but fun:

Test your reflexes

Listen to music -from
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Look at pictures:  Wacker Art 
- a great German web-site, partly in English 




Web Sites for Students of  English as a Second Language


English lessons and tests - all free

Online Learning: 

Selected exercises


Irregular verbs 1       
(From The Internet TESL Journal's Self-Study Quizzes for ESL Students. 

Englische Grammatik online von ego4u

Englisch für Wiedereinsteiger - 10 Lektionen
(kostenlos von ego4u)

Letter Writing

Interesting Reading:

Interesting Listening:

Let`s learn good English online
(Ministry of Information and BBC Singapore)

Energy-Quest - great site by
the California Energy Commission.

Voice of America 
in Special English


Advanced learners:



Reading Comprehension:

Economic Topics:
History of Economic Thought

The Economics Net-TextBook

History Topics:
History Channel

The Entire Bayeux Tapistry
WW II: Bomber Command

Topical Texts:  

Scientific American: Scarlet Uniforms Linked to Success in Sports

An Afghan Woman Suffering
from Pulmonary TB

Advantages of Bilingualism
(Deutsche Übersetzung von Anna Oscharova (2 W SoSe 203)Vorteile der Zweisprachigkeit 

Klaus F. Maas: Gerund - a survey

For students of business English: 

Some exercisese with "hot potatoe"
(by Khoroshukhina and Iakovleva,
 2W English, SoSe 2002)
 - 3 short text comprehension exercises
 - 3 short translation exercises
 - crossword puzzle - 
    topic: house savings plan 

Grammar and writing

Vocabulary Testing

Etymologic! "The toughest word game on the web" (Show your teacher how little he/she knows!)

Developing a Global Perspective

I.  International Organisations

In order to develop a global perspective, it will be helpful to gain a basic understanding of what some important international organisations are doing and how they are defining their tasks.

 1. Let us begin with the United Nations


a)  We suggest that you 
      read the  preliminary
      remarks of its  charter: 

Charter of the United Nations

b)  Learn about the UN on its

About the UN

c)  Some UN organisations are
     especially dedicated to helping
     developing countries.

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

3 Lessons: Fighting Minds -Fighting Hunger


2.   Five important international
      organisations are:


a)  The Organisation for
     economic  cooperation
     and development: 

b)  World Trade Organisation: 

What is the WTO?

c)  And the World Bank.

World Bank

d)  Oil Producing Countries


e)  European Free Trade Association

f)  North Atlantic Treaty Organisation


II.  The world`s  north-south 
and the  need 
      to  share  information